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Poster: MrMovie Date: Dec 7, 2005 2:07am
Forum: feature_films Subject: Try This Request Again..

About a year ago I wrote to complain about the fact that many of the features seem to be in the PAL system. Unlike most who use this site to apparently view the movies with various players on their computers (which I can do) I perfer to DL and record to another format such as DVD and/or Digital-S and because this is the United States (Transulation NTSC) I do not have nor would I spend the money to purchase a program that would permit the output
of PAL to my NTSC based recording equiptment or a conversion unit that would do the same. Therefore, I think that more specific information about the file should be noted so that one can determine in advance of the DL if it is compatible for that persons intended use. How difficult would it be to add a NOTE to the file extention to specify what the format is (NTSC or PAL) and if the audio tracks are (MPEG or AC3). This request fell on deaf ears a year ago and I would imagine it is going to fall on deaf ears again but I think this would be something that most people would like to know about in advance of clicking on that DL link. Many of these feature films are NOT user friendly
inasmuch as after spending the time to DL one discovers that it is in a format incompatible for indented use.

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Poster: A/V Geek Skip Date: Dec 7, 2005 1:05am
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: Try This Request Again..


All of the Feature Films I digitized are NTSC and MPEG audio. There might be a couple of PAL features, but the overwhelming majority of the films are NTSC (over 99%).


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Poster: MrMovie Date: Dec 7, 2005 2:09am
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: Try This Request Again..

Skip: Horror Hotel is in PAL. M is in PAL. Reefer Madness downloads without usable output audio as does Sex Madness. I just don't understand what would be so difficult to note the format and the audio codec. Be it you or anyone else who is uploading these features, you obviously know in advance what the format is.